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BPD Officers' Restraint Saves a Life

Yesterday the President gave a tremendously moving speech about the officers who gave their lives defending the freedom of people to protest the police in Dallas.  Much has been said about the irony that the attack on police came in Dallas, where the police department had put serious efforts into becoming a better less-militarized, more community-oriented police force.

Today, members of the Boston Police demonstrated the kind of restraint that we should all commend.  According to the BPD Twitter post:

  • [Boston Police Officers] observed a male with a gun in his hand, pointing the firearm across the street. The male then began running toward the officers while attempting to conceal the firearm in his waistband. The officers drew their department issued firearms and gave the male lawful orders to drop the firearm and put his hands up. After taking several more steps between two parked vehicles, the male placed the firearm on the hood of the vehicle and complied with officers’ orders. The male was placed into custody without further incident.

This could have gone down differently, but becuase the police in this case didn't immediately assume the worst about the person in front of them, everyone ended the day alive.

I can add that I peronally know of a case where a young kid literally pulled out a gun and pointed it at a Boston Police Officer, and the officer talked him down, instead of pulling out his gun and ending the kid's life. 

I don't have the numbers, but we all surely hope that cases like this outnumber cases like those of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.  The officers in this case were publicly commended by the cheif of police, as well they should have been.

  • "The officers and detectives at this incident were faced with an intense scene, but thanks to their training and quick thinking, the incident was quickly and professionally handled"