If you are reading this you will probably have noticed by now that no lawyers list their fees on their website.  It is not an oversight: providing a quote on a case is really just a form of guessing at how long it will take and how much effort will be required, and that requires knowing some of the details of your case.

Hourly Fee vs. Flat Rate

What I can tell you about my fee arrangements is that in cases where the prospect of a trial is uncertain, I recommend a reasonable hourly rate, to be billed against a retainer.  With an hourly rate, you are generally asked to put up a lump sum at the beginning.  You are then sent an hourly bill every month which is billed against that lump sum.  Anything left at the end is returned to you.  That way, if the prosecutor makes an unexpected offer that is too good to refuse before trial, you haven't paid for services that you haven't received.

The other way to handle fees is best used In cases where the chance of a trial is very predictable (whether that means there almost certainly will be one or whether it means there almost certainly will not).  Clients are often more comfortable with a flat-rate, so that they can know up front how much the case is going to cost them.  When calculating a flat rate fee, I will make an educated guess at the number of hours I expect the case will take, and multiply it by a reasonable hourly rate.

Payment Plans

I like my job because it gives me a chance to help people at a difficult time in their lives.  I am always willing to work with you to find a payment system that will accommodate your needs.  The price of a good defense should not force you to go into court alone.  Call now to discuss your case, free of charge, and I will also gladly discuss payment plans that work for you.