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Critical Questions to Ask Your Drug Crime Defense Attorney

An investigation into drug trafficking in Fall River and Taunton recently led to the arrest of seven individuals by the Massachusetts State Police. “Operation Shore Thing” also resulted in the seizure of around 1,950 grams of fentanyl, 51 grams of cocaine, 4,310 oxycodone tablets, two illegal firearms, and almost $100,000 in cash. The oxycodone and fentanyl are reported to be worth over $300,000 on the street. The District Attorney involved in the case commented that drugs involved in the seizure could tragically lead to countless fatal overdoses and that law enforcement will continue investigating drug organizations while holding those accountable for playing a role in contributing to addiction problems throughout the community.  

Law enforcement believes the group was responsible for dealing the drugs at both the street and mid-level throughout the area. Some of the charges brought against the individual include trafficking drug charges, conspiracy to violate the drug law, possession with intent to distribute, drug possession with intent to distribute, drug possession, drug distribution, firearm possession without identification, possession of a large capacity weapon, and possession with intent to distribute.

If you are facing drug charges, one of the best things that you can do is find a drug crimes defense attorney who can help you navigate this process and fight to defend your rights and freedom. Even though lawyers cannot guarantee certain results, the best drug defense attorney will provide you with knowledge and experience that make your case much easier to bear. There are some vital questions that you should make sure to ask your drug crime defense attorney.

The Lawyer’s History of Defending Against Drug Charges

After you select a potential defense attorney, you should make sure that you have full confidence in the lawyer’s ability to help you defend your case. Some questions you should ask your lawyer include:

  • How long the lawyer has been practicing

  • What is the lawyer’s experience with drug crime defense cases

  • How often the attorney works with similar cases

  • What is the end result for the lawyer’s previous cases

  • What defense strategy will work best for your case

Compensating Your Attorney

Public defenders often lack the experience necessary to help navigate drug charges successfully. If you need a defense lawyer, you should understand the costs associated with retaining a private drug lawyer to defend your case. Some questions that you should ask about the costs of hiring a defense attorney include the following: 

  • Will the attorney personally be handling your case, or another person at their firm?

  • What is the lawyer’s hourly rate or single flat fee?

  • Whether the lawyer offers payment plans or accepts credit cards

The Potential Outcome of Your Case

While your lawyer cannot promise a certain result in your case, they should be able to provide you with details that give you a realistic understanding of the potential outcome. Some of the questions addressing the outcome of your criminl case that you should make sure to ask your attorney include the following:

  • Whether you should accept a plea deal

  • What critical issues could impact your case

  • Whether alternative charges exist in your situation

  • If previous charges could influence the outcome of your case

Obtain the Help of a Drug Crime Defense Attorney

To dissuade people from using drugs, Massachusetts has established serious penalties for various drug crimes. If you or a loved one is charged with a drug-related offense, you are not alone. Contact Attorney Edward R Molari today to schedule a free case evaluation.