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Developing Defenses for Drug Trafficking

In June 2021, Massachusetts law enforcement arrested eight individuals during a drug bust that allegedly involved methamphetamine trafficking between California and New England. Law enforcement with Boston’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces seized 152 pounds of methamphetamine during the raid.

Last year, in October 2020, law enforcement received information about drug trafficking activities involving large scale methamphetamines in the Boston area. Law enforcement later identified one of the suspects who was arrested as a methamphetamine trafficker. From February to April 2021, law enforcement engaged in three controlled purchases of methamphetamines from the group.

Drug trafficking involves the possession or transportation of any illegal substance with the intent to either distribute or sell. For the prosecution to establish drug trafficking, they must establish that the person charged was in possession of a sufficient amount of a controlled substance. Methamphetamine is just one of the most commonly trafficked substances. A conviction of drug trafficking can result in a person facing prison sentences, probation, and fines. If you or a loved one has been charged with drug trafficking, it is important to remember that there are several strategies you can follow to defend against these charges. 

Attacking the Credibility of Witnesses

Many cases involving drug trafficking occur due to evidence gathered from confidential information. In countless cases, confidential informants are people either receiving money or attempting to reduce their own drug charges. If you can establish that a witness’s credibility should be questioned, it is often possible to create a strong strategy to respond to the charges you face.

The Charge is the Result of Entrapment

Many drug trafficking charges are the result of sting operations conducted by law enforcement or the sale of drugs to an undercover officer. These cases can often lead to claims of entrapment, which is a difficult defense to establish but if proven can be used to defend against the charges that a person faces.

Lack of Evidence Supporting a Warrant

Your defense lawyer often can create a strong defense to a drug trafficking charge if it can be shown that the warrant obtained by law enforcement is not supported by sufficient evidence. Your defense team might also establish that the evidence used against you was obtained illegally and as a result inadmissible in a court of law. One of the most common constitutional rights that is violated is the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Evidence of Sale

The prosecution must establish that the drugs in question were for sale and not simply intended for personal use. If no aspect of sale can be shown, a charge of drug trafficking will not stand. By challenging the evidence that drugs were being sold, it is often possible to change a lesser charge than drug trafficking. 

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