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Exquisite Multimedia, Inc. v. Does 1 - 46 1:12-cv-11724

Case Title: Exquisite Multimedia, Inc. v. Does 1 - 46

Docket Number: 1:12-cv-11724

Court: Massachusetts District Court, Boston

Plaintiff's Attorney: Marvin Cable

Complaint: 12-cv-11724 - Complaint

Complaint Attachments: Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C

Content Title: Ironman XXX

Content for Sale: CD Universe


Marvin Cable has filed a complaint for copyright violation, alleging that 46 John Doe defendants have downloaded a file titled Ironman XXX.  The copyright was registered in November of 2011.

This film appears to be a low budget adult version of the recent Iron Man film.  The complaint in this case includes (1) direct infringement, (2) vicarious infringement, (3) Parental liability and (4) contributory liability.

Count 4, contributory liability includes an allegation that the  subscriber derived a financial benefit from the alleged infringers (think about a case where a landlord rented an internet connection to someoen who used that connection to infringe on a copyright).  That allegation falls outside of the negligence cliaim which has been (correctly) rejected by so many courts, and potentially within the argument adopted in the  disc jokey cases, which have been accepted by various courts.

If you, or someone you know, has been contacted regarding this case, contact me immediately to discus your options.