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Four Things to do Immediately Following a False Sex Crime Charge

A Boston pharmacist is currently being held without bail following charges related to the possession of more than 15,000 suspected items of child pornography as well as conspiring with an out-of-state man to rape a child. The man has since pled not guilty to the charges, which include conspiracy to commit child rape as well as multiple child pornography-related counts, including dissemination, enticement, and possession. Boston law enforcement claims to have evidence of alleged criminal offenses that range from February 2019 to June 2020. 

Many people in Massachusetts have criminal records, and a large group of those individuals have been charged as sex offenders. While law enforcement in the Commonwealth does a good job of prosecuting drug crimes, not everyone who is convicted or accused in Massachusetts of sex crimes is guilty of wrongdoing. If you have been falsely accused of sex crimes in Massachusetts, there are some critical steps that you should promptly take.

Create a Strong Defense 

If you have been falsely accused of a sex crime, it is a good idea to immediately begin constructing a strong defense. Plans often include things like retaining the services of a professional who can provide psychological testing to confirm your innocence. Many people also take the action of collecting evidence that can exonerate them from charges. 

Be on Your Best Behavior

If you are facing a sex charge, it is critical to remain alert to everything that you say and do. Some actions that you should take include not making any ill-advised comments that could end up jeopardizing the outcome of your case. Not only does this advice apply to actions taken in real life, but also to anything posted to social media accounts.

Stay Alert to Investigators

As your sex charge case proceeds, you should remain alert to investigators who will attempt to collect evidence about your guilt. Investigators will rely on various techniques to reveal incriminating details about you and your past. This might mean uncontrolled phone calls or other efforts to lure you into providing incriminating details. Stay on guard to investigators as you navigate your charge. 

Do Not Get Discouraged

Regardless of how you feel about your case, it is important to not get discouraged. Sex crimes are a serious matter in Massachusetts, which means that a person often must go the extra distance to prove their innocence. Despite how difficult the situation might seem, it is a good idea to remain optimistic and engaged in proving your innocence until you are exonerated. Hiring an experienced attorney who will remain dedicated to the positive outcome of your case is one of the best steps you can take toward feeling better about your future.

Speak With a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney

Conviction of a sex crime in Massachusetts can result in serious consequences including a tarnished social reputation and difficulty pursuing career opportunities. As a result, it is critical for people charged with these offenses to promptly retain the assistance of an experienced attorney. Contact attorney Edward R Molari today to schedule a free case evaluation.