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How to Make Drug Charges Worse in Massachusetts

There are many ways in which you can make your drug charges worse than they need to be. A few simple mistakes, and you could add many years onto your sentence. Unfortunately, many defendants end up making these mistakes – often by simply making the wrong statements in front of police officers or trying to cover up their crimes unnecessarily. You can avoid many of these common mistakes by getting in touch with a qualified defense attorney as soon as possible. But what are some examples of these common mistakes, and how can you approach this difficult situation in the best way possible? 

Bedford Man Tries to Get Family to Falsely Testify in Drug Case

On March 6, 2023, it was reported that a man from Bedford had been sentenced to 15 years in prison for drug charges, firearm charges, and witness tampering. He had been involved in a fentanyl trafficking operation across state lines, and he was also charged with five counts of firearm possession as a felon. That alone would have been bad enough. But this individual went one step too far in his attempts to escape criminal consequences. According to the authorities, he contacted friends and family and urged them to falsely testify on his behalf at his criminal trial.

Not only did this add years to his prison sentence, but it also destroyed his credibility in the eyes of the courts. If there is one surefire way to encourage a judge to proverbially "throw the book at you," it is by attempting to circumvent the justice system and cheat your way to victory. A much better solution is to simply work with a qualified defense attorney and employ an effective defense strategy. 

Destroying Evidence

Destroying evidence is another crime that can make drug charges much worse. You could be charged with spoliation, or destruction of evidence. You might also be charged with obstruction of justice. Both can result in additional penalties. This is especially true if the evidence is recovered anyway. For example, you might have flushed a bag of drugs down a toilet while your home was being searched. If the police find out you did this and recover the drugs anyway, you are only making your situation worse. There have been accounts of police officers literally smashing holes in toilet pipes and snatching flushed drugs before they can escape. The risk of destroying evidence is too great to consider a viable strategy. 

Where Can I Find a Qualified Criminal Defense Attorney in Massachusetts?

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