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Law Enforcement Arrests 16 Individuals on “Methadone Mile”

Law enforcement recently made arrests around the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Southampton Street, which is a part of the area referred to as “Methadone Mile.” These arrests are part of Boston law enforcement’s efforts to make the neighborhood safer following an attack in which a correction officer was beaten with a metal pipe. In total, 16 people were arrested. Seven individuals who were arrested have arrest warrants for missing court appearances in criminal trials, while six others were arrested for new drug offenses. Four other individuals were picked up on straight warrants and have not yet gone to court. 

There a number of reasons why people miss court appearances. Some people are just perpetually late. Other people have a tendency to get lost on the way to court. Some people think that court actually begins at a different time. There are other people who have personal matters like those involving children spring up suddenly and interrupt a planned court appearance. No matter the reason why you have missed a court appearance, it is important to know how to respond if you miss an appearance. 

Contact Your Attorney Immediately After Missing a Court Appearance

Once you realize that you missed your court appearance, the best step that you can take is to contact your criminal defense attorney. Many times, your lawyer will instruct you to go back to court as soon as possible to inform the judge about your reasons for missing your appearance. 

If you appear in court to explain yourself with a lawyer, you might be able to avoid the most serious penalties. For one, your lawyer will likely be able to better justify why you missed court. In some situations, you attorney might also be able to contact the district attorney to explain the situation. 

Understand the Judge’s Perspective

Judges do not like to see people imprisoned or sentenced to large fines. Instead, many judges would rather help individuals rehabilitate and successfully navigate the criminal justice system. Many judges understand that humans sometimes make mistakes and will accommodate you if you had difficulty getting to court or forgot about your appearance. 

Avoid Bad Excuses and Blaming Others

It is critical to avoid non-excuses or explanations that a judge is not likely to believe. For example, you should never blame your court appearance on the fault of your attorney unless you have a very good excuse. These excuses will not work, particularly if they are not supported by your lawyer or the opposing side. 

The judge similarly does not want to hear you blame someone else for your mistake of not making a court appearance. Instead, it is best to own up to your mistake and only provide an excuse if you have a legitimate one. 

Speak with a Criminal Defense Attorney

One of the best ways to respond if you have missed a court appearance is to immediately obtain help. If you need the assistance of an experienced criminal lawyer, do not hesitate to contact attorney Edward R. Molari.