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Massachusetts State Police Crack Down on “Multi-State” Drug Organization

In April of 2024, the official news blog of the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) announced the arrest of three suspected drug traffickers. Law enforcement also obtained a fourth arrest warrant for another suspect outside of the United States. This was the culmination of an investigation that began in the Fall of 2023, and police have been trying to bring down this alleged drug trafficking network for months.  

Numerous Law Enforcement Agencies Participate in Drug Bust

Images from the arrest show various seized items. These include bricks of fentanyl, bags of cocaine, wads of cash, presses, extended magazines, and ammunition. Law enforcement also laid out various department and agency crests to illustrate their participation in the operation. These organizations include the Rhode Island State Police, the Nashua Police in New Hampshire, and various departments throughout Massachusetts. The most prominent crest was that of the “State Police C.I.N.R.E.T,” which took center stage amidst the image of seized items. 

“C.I.N.R.E.T” stands for “Commonwealth Interstate Narcotics Reduction Enforcement Team,” and this organization’s mission is to take down various drug trafficking organizations. Law enforcement agencies describe its role as “unique,” stressing its “long-term, complex investigations.” Since its establishment, it has participated in numerous drug busts and arrests. In March of 2023, eight people were arrested in another C.I.N.R.E.T-sponsored takedown. 

In April’s three-person arrest, the organization participated with the State Police Detective Unit, the State Police Gang Unit, and Homeland Security. 

Police Seize Drugs Through “Undercover Drug Buys”

Although the image of seized drugs is certainly striking from a visual standpoint, police did not seize all of the drugs at one particular time. Instead, the image represents a collection of drugs seized over numerous months. An undercover Massachusetts State Trooper facilitated 10 “controlled buys” over the course of the investigation. Authorities then collected all of the drugs from these controlled buys, placed them on a table, and photographed them together. 

The MSP blog states that these controlled buys ranged from just 11 grams to 2,000 grams. In all likelihood, the undercover agent started with small purchases, eventually gaining the suspects’ trust and purchasing higher quantities as time went on. Police seized a much greater amount of fentanyl compared to cocaine – securing over 7,000 grams vs 900 grams of cocaine. This “high-potency, un-cut” fentanyl seems to have been the main focus. 

In one purchase alone, the undercover trooper paid $27,000 for two kilos of fentanyl. At the conclusion of this purchase, law enforcement moved in and arrested one of the three suspects. 

In addition, police say they seized 43 grams of meth in the operation. Four firearms and “several” high capacity magazines” were also reported by Massachusetts State Police – plus 100 rounds of ammunition. For whatever reason, law enforcement also seized two vehicles. 

Who Defends Alleged Drug Traffickers in Massachusetts?

The MSP blog describes this drug bust as a clear victory, but the suspects are innocent until proven guilty. Only the criminal justice process will determine whether these individuals will actually be convicted. Like all other defendants, the three arrested suspects will have access to criminal defense attorneys in Massachusetts. Edward R. Molari has been defending drug trafficking suspects for years, and defendants may consult with him for further guidance.