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SBO Pictures, Inc. v. Does 1 - 46, 12-cv-11723

Case Title: SBO Pictures, Inc. v. Does 1 - 46

Docket Number:  12-cv-11723

Court: Massachusetts District Court, Boston

Plaintiff's Attorney: Marvin Cable

Complaint: 12-cv-11723 - Complaint

Complaint Attachments: Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C

Content Title: My Personal Message

Content for Sale: (Unknown!)


Marvin Cable has filed a complaint for copyright violation, alleging that 46 John Doe defendants have downloaded a file titled "My Personal Mesage"  The copyright was registered in February of 2012.

As of 09/19/2012, I have been unable to find any web page offering this particular title for sale.

The complaint in this case includes (1) direct infringement, (2) vicarious infringement, (3) Parental liability and (4) contributory liability.

If you, or someone you know, has been contacted regarding this case, contact me immediately to discus your options.