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Why You Should Never Run From Law Enforcement

Lewiston law enforcement states that two men now face charges following a drug bust that turned into a chase. The arrest came after law enforcement responded to reports of a drug overdose and arrived to find a man in an unconscious state in a hallway. The police administered Narcan, and the man was transported to a medical facility from which he was subsequently released. 

Law enforcement reports that one suspect left both a backpack and his sneakers before running away from law enforcement. This man climbed the roof of the apartment building and then jumped to a nearby rooftop. The man then entered the building through a fire escape before he jumped out of a third-story window. Law enforcement later caught up to the man. 

After obtaining a warrant, law enforcement searched the backpack to discover 425 Oxycodone pills as well as a loaded 9 mm handgun. Law enforcement also searched an apartment connected to the overdose and discovered another 119 Oxycodone pills, 118 grams of either heroin or fentanyl, 11 grams of crack, and $966 in what are believed to be drug proceeds. Law enforcement states that the man who fled has subsequently been charged with trafficking Schedule W drugs as well as illegal possession of a firearm and refusal to submit to arrest. 

Another resident of the apartment was charged with robbery and theft due to claims that he robbed a man at knifepoint recently. Items stolen during the theft were subsequently found during the arrest and search. 

Suspects who run from the police can end up facing some undesirable consequences. The following are some reasons why you should not run from the police, regardless of what criminal charges you believe you are facing. 

Law Enforcement is Likely to Use Physical Force

Law enforcement commonly tells people to stop resisting while they are being arrested. When you try to flee from law enforcement, you will likely be chased. If you elude one law enforcement officer, other officers will likely also be informed of your description and  location. As a result, you could end up tackled and injured because so many officers are looking for you. You may also be tased, or even shot.   

You are Giving Law Enforcement a Reason to Stop You

Law enforcement cannot stop you unless they have a sufficient amount of suspicion to do so. To stop you, law enforcement must believe that something criminal is happening. Running away from law enforcement for little to no reason can end up giving an officer reasonable suspicion to stop you. As a result, regardless of whether you are guilty or innocent, an officer will be able to question you to assess why you ran. 

You Will be Viewed as Having Something to Hide

Law enforcement will assume that because you are running away, either something is wrong or that you are attempting to conceal your involvement in a crime. If you run and law enforcement catches up with you, they will likely search you. If you do have something to hide, law enforcement will almost certainly discover it during this search. 

Obtain the Assistance of a Drug Defense Attorney

Massachusetts takes drug charges seriously, and these convictions can lead to serious penalties. If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug crime, you should not hesitate to speak with a compassionate defense lawyer. Schedule a free case evaluation with attorney Edward R Molari today.